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Friday, October 7, 2022
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After pandemic closure, Vasque Reopens Online shopping


When COVID-19 caused widespread shortage of supply chains that killed some companies, survivors became online retailers. Instead, Vasque Boots gave the other direction; now, he makes a return to electronic commerce.

Remember when the pandemic was so bad?We’re still living in it, of course. That’s obvious from the continuation new vaccines in America last month.

However, many parts of life have slowly returned to something similar to normal. A flagrant example of that reality that never changed was online retail, which never slowed down — unless you worked in Vasque.

Vasque Boots reopened her online store this week after closing her virtual doors almost a year ago. Assupply chains Throughout the world there were serious disturbances, Vasque closed electronic commerce transactions on its website to focus its limited inventory on retailers, said a company spokesman.

If you’ve lost Vasque — or simply stinging for a new pair of hiking boots — the starter re-forms this week. Given the scarcity of the COVID-19 supply chainclosed many other outdoor businesses, that’s nothing small.

torre vasque women

Vasque boots in boots

With its reopening online, Vasque made sure to have many of its most popular boots ready to go.

This begins with the signature of the company Sunsetter NTX, a lighter version of the company’s Sundowner, which debuted for the first time in 1984. The design of the hiking boots includes a superior leather, red lace and a mesh collar. They are also waterproof and manufactured with 50% recycled material, according to Vasque. Sunsetter boots have options for men and women and sell on a $160 MSRP.

womens sunsetter
The female Sunsetter; (photo/Vasque)

Online customers will also find the AT GTX Tower, a lightweight hiking boot made with mesh, front leather, and GORE-TEX waterproof coating. He also has a Vibram Wavelength II sole. Vasque makes shoes for men and women, with a $210 MSRP.

vasque boots
Tower AT GTX; (photo/Vasque)

Those looking for trail shoes could take a look at the Juxt. It comes with a top layer of leather and a Vibram sole. Available only for men, it costs $120.

vasque juxt
The Juxt; (photo/Vasque)

Finally, there is The Breeze, the company’s most popular shoe. It is launched online in October with a redesign that introduces more sustainable and durable materials, the company said. Breeze boots cost $160.

vasque breeze
The Breeze LT Low NTX; (photo/Vasque)

More information visiting Vasque online shopNow back in action.

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