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Monday, October 3, 2022
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Dads deserve great gifts and these will be sure to please


Princeton Tec Helix Backcountry Rechargeable Flashlight

When it comes to camping the light, the days of kerosene flashlights or drippy wax candles have gone. Even the great electric lamps are things of the past. The camp lighting today means rechargeable LED flashlights, and the one that any camping father would love to receive as a gift is the newly revised Princeton Tec Helix Backcountry rechargeable.

This compact flashlight puts 300 lumens to full power and works for more than 6 hours at the top output – put it down to a low glow and will remain lit for something like 110 hours (we couldn’t prove that – we literally ran out of time!)

In addition to standard bright white light, the Helix also has a red light option for campers to use it by preserving their night vision. This environment was particularly useful while looking from remote camps. When not in use, the Helix is compressed to a compact package for easy storage and transportation. The unit slides a top loop to hang, and the grooved folding legs can be placed on tables, lined lines or branches, or even cut on packing straps.

The Princeton Tec Helix Backcountry Rechargeable proved to be the most efficient and versatile field light we have used to date. $55. Buy now.

Princeton Tec Snap Solo Headlamp

While any parent would love the Helix flashlight gift for camp lighting, truly adventurous parents need enlightenment while walking, fishing, hunting or playing hiding with children. For these parents, the perfect gift is Princeton Tec Snap Solo Lighthouse.

This exclusive lighthouse features a magnetic head unit that can be pulled from your broadband base to use as a traditional mini flashlight. But there is nothing mini on its lighting as it throws 300 lumens of light and runs up to 150 hours. The magnetic connector also allows users to block light on steel surfaces for directed lighting. We found this incredibly useful when it connects to the open top of our camp stove, or next to our truck when it changes wet fishing equipment after returning to the platform after dark. $35. Buy now

High Camp Highball Shaker

Sometimes families fall into the habit of buying ‘father’ gifts that are really for children. If that was the case, the High Camp Shaker is the perfect gift for Dad only.

This three-in-one cocktail tool allows you to relax and mix the perfect cocktail – shaken, not stirred – and then strain the ice and serve. And if you don’t have a glass of cocktail, the drum base serves as a high ball tumbler. You can even seal the blender and safely pack your cocktail for further enjoyment. The 20 ounce vacuum insulation unit will keep your cooled drink for hours – although Dad probably prefers to mix and drink in a much shorter period than that! $79. Buy now.

High Camp Torch Shot Glass 2-Pack

If the old dead father is not in cocktails, and prefers his clean whisky*, High Camp offers another great gift: the Torch Shot Crystal Set. Packaging in a soft wool box, these two stainless steel isolated vessels are perfect to share a good whisky dram on the river bank after a day of fishing, or around the fire in the camp. Each glass has 3 ounces of liquid – so a cordial offering of good things – and has a wooded exterior to keep the glass firmly in the hand without sliding.

High Camp designers refer to these shot glasses as “Whiskey Sipping Tumblers” and which is a precise description. Any parent who loves served brown liquor will love these glasses. $39. Buy now.

Arc’Teryx Beta Jacket

Nobody likes to be soaked in a rainstorm, even for warm summer days. So, any hiking father would love to receive a new featherweight rain shell like the Arc’Teryx Beta jacket. This elegant jacket features the Gore-Tex technology lined with the Gore C-knit backrest for comfort next to the skin. The shell is cut for a near adjustment on minimum layers, which makes it incredibly effective during the use of 3 seasons.

The design of the jacket includes minimum jars – a pair of deep side pockets, a thin inner pocket and a simplified hood round the features. But the minimum frills help improve performance. The clean profile of the jacket spills water easily, and dries quickly so you can move it inside and out of a package as needed without worrying about transferring lots of water to your package after a squall.

Beta jacket is elegant, attractive and incredibly efficient to maintain moisture. $400. Buy now.

Patagonia Swiftcurrent Wet Wading Pant

Angry parents know that summer months mean leaving the hats and getting wet. Patagonia also understands this and offers a great gift idea for fly fishing parents: the Swiftcurrent Wet Wading Pant.

Designed to be used in the river, the relaxed fit of these trousers offers good freedom of movement while fighting strong streams. But the recycled nylon material also dries incredibly fast, so when you get out of the river, you won’t scold by sober fabric as you move to the next hole.

The design has a pair of safe pockets, a deep load pocket for gears, and a thin pocket of “bang holder” so that fishers can store old tippets and leaders until they can reach a waste container.

Swiftcurrent Wet Wading trousers are the perfect summer angling wear for fly fishing parents everywhere. $99. Buy now.

MSR LowDown Remote Layer Adapter

Dads love everything that makes life easier, and the new MSR LowDown remote stove adapter does that. This unique tool allows backpackers to convert any butane stove into independent stoves, making them more versatile and efficient.

The LowDown has folding legs stable enough for a small stove like the MSR Pocket Rocket 2, or something heavier. By moving the stove at the top of the fuel container, the LowDown creates a more stable kitchen surface for when you need to heat larger pans or cook for crowds. The LowDown includes a soft fuel valve that allows you to accurately control the intensity of the flame and because the valve is removed from the base of the stove, it is safer to operate with the larger panels.

The LowDown remote stove adapter weighs only 6.2 ounces. $50. Buy now.

Dads deserve great gifts and these will be sure to please Originally appeared Gear Institute.