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Friday, October 7, 2022
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Great gifts for outdoor adventurers


The selection of gifts for the running rich adventurers can be difficult. Most outside enthusiasts prefer to select their own core team and already have the things they need.

Fortunately, there are plenty of accessories and secondary equipment that will make any happy marching head. We have excavated this year’s offerings and found some great gift ideas to please this holiday season.

OR Juneau Sherpa Fleece Jacket

The Juneau Jackets Fleece Outdoor Research – O – represent a modern shot in the classic polar layer. Offered in male and female styles, the Juneau line features an elegant look in a highly functional layer. Our test team was especially happy with the women’s Juneau Sherpa Fleece jacket. The relaxed fit makes it comfortable as an independent top layer or as an average layer under a shell. The high-end Sherpa cuff provides high insulation with a low-speed feel. The Juneau line also includes a male jacket and a capricious version.

$129. Buy now

Or feedback Shirt jacket

The cozy comfort of a smooth and well-golden flannel shirt is difficult to overcome, so when OR a search for an even warmer alternative, they did not try to beat it – they improved on it. The Camisa de Retroalimentation jacket starts with the classic Flannel OR Feedback shirt and adds an inner lining for extra insulation. The body of the Shirt jacket features a soft and soft Sherpa Fleece lining for warmth and comfort. The sleeves, however, acquired a layer of synthetic isolation OR dubs VerticalX Eco Isolation nylon. This insulation has a recycled content of 85%, while the sliding nylon face allows the jacket arms to slide easily on medium bases or layers. The feedback shirt can serve as an independent outer layer of style or layers under a shell for warmth. $149. Buy now

ORCA Hydra beverage bottle 22

The plethora of isolated beverage bottles today makes a choice of a matter of personal preference, but the best offers some key features that everyone will appreciate. And the ORCA Hydra 22 has the best mix of bottle features we’ve seen this season. The construction of double wall stainless steel provides durability and high insulation to keep the drinks cold and hot. A resistant powder coating on the outside adds to the durability of the bottle and – with 18 color options – style. A food-grade silicon band around the edge of the lid gives users a firm grip, not slip, with the “hand-tailed” handle makes a one-hand tote a breeze. The lid itself has a drink port of the screw cap in addition to the full opening cover. The bottle is completely safe for dishwasher. $33. Buy now.

MSR Reactor Stove 1.7Liter

Integrated cooking systems have become standard equipment for many backpackers, and the always popular MSR Reactor Stove is the best in the category. The 1.7-liter version serves as a kitchen for small camping groups. The integrated set of burns and deposits makes the stove an efficient kitchen – we systematically had a full liter of boiling water in about 3 minutes, even in stormy conditions in the northwest Pacific during the autumn backpackage excursions. Reactor’s quick cooking time means less fuel is necessary, saving hikers to pack weight and long-term money. $250. Buy now.

Neft Vodka in shatter-proof barrels

In this era of artisanal distillers, it seems that vodka producers can be found in almost every mountainous city. And while there are many good distillers, there aren’t many big ones. One of the best we have found recently, however, is Neft. This Austrian brand uses four varieties of rye in its processes and an oxygen-rich spring water from the Alps to produce a clear and ultra-smooth vodka.

But the brand does not stop with just a big drink. Neft uses renewable energy for its primary energy needs and will soon use renewable energy of 100 percent. And when it comes to packing your product, Neft sends his vodka not in glass bottles but in cans easily recyclable, uniquely as drums of 55 gallons. Available in single-size drums of 100 ml – perfect storage gifts – and large 750 ml batteries, Neft Vodka deports a unique look and a premium taste. $32. Buy now.

Wyoming Whisky Outryder

Rye whiskey is an American original and, due to the prevalence of the rye that grew in the area, it was a beverage of choice for much of the Central Atlantic region that began around the time of the Independence War of our nation. Today, the Wyoming Whiskey handicraft distiller offers a modern Rye-blend whiskey that have called their Outryder. This whisky is distilled from a mixed mash containing rye, corn and malted barley. The result is a unique taste profile with the best notes extracted from the traditional rye and a premium bourbon. The whiskey gives a soft texture and a spicy finish like cinnamon. We found Wyoming Whiskey Outryder is better served clean or with just a touch of water to open the deep flavors. $79. More information.

10 Barrel Pray for POW Winter Stout

In the ski world, POW has double meaning. The term is an acronym for the non-profit group, Protect Our Winters. In this case, POW fights climate change to ensure that snow sports enthusiasts continue to have a healthy environment in which to enjoy our sports. The other use of POW is like an abbreviation for the most beloved of all the snow: Cool Powder!

10 Barrel Brewing offers a special release from a winter stout that has called POW Prayer, in another honor both definitions. A part of Pray for POW sales will be donated to the Protect Our Winters organization, and the brewers are certainly dreaming for untraceable dust while working on beer. Rich stout sports strong notes of chocolate with a citrus hunt. The beer is robust, but for a stout, noticeably light and refreshing. Makes a great après ski drink – or just a good evening meal! $10/six-pack. More information.

Sunglasses Costa Santiago & Caleta

The Costa polarized glasses are widely recognized in the world of fishing as some of the best glasses for active fishermen. The Costa lenses offer precision optics, without distortion so that they can be used all day in the water without tension or fatigue. But the brand decided to make even more for fishermen – and all water lovers. The new Santiago and Caleta glasses anchor Costas Untangled Collection. The glasses in this series have frames made almost entirely of recycled fishing nets. More than 97 percent of the material used in the Caleta and Santiago frameworks is recycled net material.

The Caleta offers a clean design and an elegant look for women, while the biggest goals of Santiago and wider side panels to protect the broader faces of men. The frames include rubber grips at the tips of the temple pieces to help keep the glasses comfortably in place, in the presence of sweat and water spray. Both models are available in a range of lens and frame colors. $226. Buy now.

Gregory Arrio 24 daypack

Gregory’s packages have a long and famous story among serious hikers. The brand has produced top-quality packages for decades, the latest light pack keeps the brand’s star reputation. The Gregory Arrio 24 serves a quick and light package perfect for day hikers as well as for adventure trips, jaunts around the city, or even most of the tracks or mountain bike tours. The vented rear panel of the package allows to dry the sweat during use, as well as the frosted foam padding the contoured shoulder straps. The body of the package includes a main compartment of 24 liters, and top pocket with thin zipper, and a pair of side pockets suitable for water bottles, cameras or other equipment you want easily accessible. Inside, the package offers a hydration case with a clip hanger to avoid ‘reservoir sag’. A slim hipbelt keeps the herd stable and durable scrambles or bike rides, but can be removed when it is not necessary. Everything, the Arrio is a big package of days. $99. Buy now.

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