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Friday, October 7, 2022
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Hunt smarter, not harder, with the Grunt Volcon


Returning to an isolated tree table, or to check the road cameras usually means walking, riding a bike or making a lot of noise with your ATV. The Grunt Volcon makes this process more fun, less shocking and helps you make the absolute most of your past afield time. The Grunt is an all-electric bike with grease gum, with ground, built to take you where you need to go with minimal noise.

In a class by itself

Mesh bikes are great ways to get out of the road and can be very useful to explore and hunt, but they have two important flaws, are not silent, and seat heights in most make them not easily accessible to all. The Grunt is in a class by himself, and he deals with those issues and more. Roll over two, large ATV style tires that help you grab the traction on any terrain, make the machine more stable for riders of different skill levels and help absorb impacts on rough terrain. The low seat height of 32 inches makes the Grunt appeal to any rider as well. You can use it around the farm, during each hunting season, riding the trails in the summer and the spirit bike enthusiasts will also love it. It’s so fun to ride.

Hunt Smarter, Not Harder, with the Volcon Grunt

Power on tap

The Grunt has a lot of grunts of the 60 watt electric motor. It works with a 2.0KWh battery and you can take a second battery on board to double your travel life. The Grunt can travel up to 75 miles while using the Explorer mode and if it carries the second battery. You want to speed up the trail? The Grunt can reach speeds up to 40MPH. The bike is valued IP67, which means it is completely waterproof, so if you need to make a current crossing, you can go for it and not worry. The Grunt can run completely submerged and continue to return to its stand.

You can control and connect with your Grunt through a specialized app on your phone. The app allows you to name your bike, choose your screen settings, keep an eye on the battery charge, see and follow the speed and status of RMP, and more. There is also a practical USB port for the load of the device. The Volcon lithium ion battery charges 80 percent in just 30 minutes, so that you return to the trail in a short time. A 1kw output is extracted so you can get over it while at the camp of your generator, making it the perfect deer machine.

Hunt Smarter, Not Harder, with the Volcon Grunt

Rice quality

Hiding through the woods to establish open chambers of trail and glass for deer is fun but it can be difficult if the machine is not up to the task. The Grunt starts with Volcon’s Exo-Arch framework that reduces the impact of the terrain on your body. A rear coil shock and front reversed forks absorb the impacts of the trail and give you better control while traveling. The Grunt weighs only 330 pounds, and can easily load up to 400 pounds so you can load a package with road cameras or carry on a tree support and climbing bars to set your place quietly. Return to the camp after dark thanks to the LED light that illuminates the path. The old adage of the smartest hunt, not more difficult, has been designed in the Grunt by Volcon engineers in Round Rock, Texas. Let the Grunt do that hard part, so you can relax and enjoy the ride.

Volcon proudly has a network of distributors that now has more than 100 distributors in North America. Get in a Grunt and get the most out of your outdoor time this season.

Hunt Smarter, Not Harder, with the Volcon Grunt

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