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Friday, October 7, 2022
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NEW Springfield Armory 1911 DS Prodigy AOS (inter-agency optical system)


Springfield Armory has maintained an absolute show-stopper under her hat for months, but is finally here! Today announced the NEW Springfield Wardrobe 1911 DS Prodigy 9mm with a system of AOS plates (inter-agency optical system) to mount all its favorite red micro points. This 1911 double-table gun looks like an absolute beast at a significantly lower price than other 2011 and double-steel 1911 models on the market today!

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This gun is a high-capacity, high-speed and low-speed hot rod. You have 17+1 and 20+1 magazines out of the box with the option to buy even greater capacity 26+1 magazine directly from Springfield Armory as well. The adjustment from the slide to the barrel to the frame is as tight as you could imagine however it is as soft as the warm butter in the toast on Sunday morning.

The Prodigy™ from Springfield Armory takes the tested 1911 platform and improves it with dual stake capacity and a set of performance-driven features. Reconfigured around a double shelf magazine, the Prodigy polymer grip module is mounted in its forged steel frame that offers capacity of 17+1 and 20+1. Optics ready with ambidextrous safety and the Prodigy picatinny train combines the most dear features of 1911 with modern capacity for unmatched performance.

At this time of the ad, there are 4 different options to select from so that you can buy. You can get a more portable barrel length 4.25′′′ or full size barrel option 5′′. Within each of those sizes, you can choose to get a Hex™ Dragonfly™ red optical point mounted on your factory firearm. Prices will vary from $1,499 – $1,699 depending on the settings you choose.

For anyone who wants the surgical precision of a 1911 with more capacity, the NEW Springfield Armory 1911 DS Prodigy AOS 9mm looks like a game changer. When competing guns cost $3,000 – $5,000 and doNo. offer more features than begs the question of why even pursue those guns? I, for one, am very excited to take this gun to the range, test it and report it back to all of you. As always, let us know all your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your comments.


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