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Monday, October 3, 2022
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Porsche And TAG Heuer Launch Connected Calibre H4 Smartwatch


The latest timepiece from TAG Heuer and Porsche has just been released in the form of the Connected Calibre E4.

Porsche says the watch takes inspiration from the all-electric Taycan and rocks a 45 mm case highlighted with blue accents as found on the Taycan. The case is made from sandblasted black titanium, sports a black ceramic polished bezel and has a scale going from 0 to 400.

While it may look like a traditional watch in these press photos, the TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 is actually a smartwatch that uses Google’s Wear OS system. It features a number of sport and wellness apps, while also rocking exclusive timers. Owners of select Porsche Panamera, 911, Cayenne, 718, Macan, and Taycan models will be able to connect their watch to their car and see information displayed in the ‘complications’ of the watch face.

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The first of these complications shows how much charge is left in the battery of compatible electric and hybrid Porsche models. The second shows the calculated range of the vehicle while the third acts as a shortcut to the Wear OS My Porsche app that enables users to control their vehicle’s heating and air conditioning. The fourth and final complication shows the total mileage driven in the car.

“For both TAG Heuer and Porsche, the thrill of driving is part of our heritage, and this watch celebrates the fearless spirit of both Maisons – as well as highlighting the sustainable innovation of the Taycan,” TAG Heuer chief executive Frédéric Arnault described. “This watch evokes many of the passions that we share – high performance, technological innovation and our love for unique and unmatched products.’”