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Friday, October 7, 2022
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Review: 5.11 Blayr Bomber Jacket of Tactical Women


Review: 5.11 Blayr Bomber Jacket of Tactical Women

When I got this jacket, I was dead summer here in TX so I was so sad I couldn’t use it until it cooled in October – maybe.

Anyway, we had a chance to get off the road and camp in the Colorado mountains for a week and I could use it!

Had to. 5.11 Blayr Bomber Jacket the first day we were there and I didn’t take it off! I was 50 years old all the trip and I was comfortable in this jacket.

Let me say, I’ve tried a lot of bomber jackets in the past. I’m a little woman and they always seemed big and boxed. I really got frustrated because I love the bomber jacket style.

But… Blayr Bomber Jacket not only fits perfectly, but is also so comfortable and functional.

It has a top left zip pocket that is useful for small things like cash, chapstick, things like that.

There are two other pockets, both have zippers and are quite spacious. I love all pockets having zippers, when my hands aren’t on them, I’ve got them locked. Keeps all the contents inside the nice and safe pockets.

Although this is a comfortable jacket in the time of 50 degrees, it is also flexible and quite light. It doesn’t feel like an intense cold. Move easily and freely with it while also stay warm.

Something I’ve noticed about a lot of 5.11 equipment lately is the discreet placement of the logo in your clothes. This has two logos, one at the top of the back, which basically blends into the jacket, and another in a metal emblem near the left pocket. None of them screams 5.11, but I know I’m using quality.

MSRP is $78.00 and comes in black or green. I’m a big fan of green, but, well, if black is your thing, it looks so slick.

I’ll be using this. Blayr Bomber Jacket every chance I have during the cold weather. Don’t get lost. This jacket.!

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